El Molino Rose Villa has 4 bedrooms: 2 shared rooms & 2 private rooms.  

Our prices are as follows:

Shared room: $4,590 - $5,950 depending on the initial level of care assessment                                      Private room: $5,950 - $6,950 depending on the initial level of care assessment

We charge a one time, refundable move-in fee of $2,500 which includes non-emergency medical transportation, assessment of the resident, and all things associated with a new move-in.  This move-in fee will be higher for hospice, respite care or if you are using a placement agency.  Please call us with any questions.

Our rates are locked in for 1 year at a time and we have a maximum increase of 5% per year afterwards.  Prices above are all-inclusive.  It includes the monthly rent, the level-of-care cost, all hygiene products and meals, companionship and entertainment.  We never charge extra for increased levels of care after move-in.  

We only accept private pay.  Some insurances may cover it; please check with your insurance.  

Restrictions (for new resident move-in's): We currently have 2 restrictions: 150 lbs weight limit and we currently do not accept residents who exhibit strong aggression.  Please call us with any questions.  We take the compatibility of our 6 residents very seriously, and for this reason we place high importance on accepting residents who are compatible with the current residents residing here already.

10-13-2017: As of October 13th, we no longer have any rooms available.  We do have a waiting list, if a family wishes to be notified when an availability becomes available.