What is a RCFE?

RCFE is the abbreviation for Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. It is also known as a Board and Care Home, Assisted Living, Residential Care Home, and Group Home.


What kind of care do you provide?

We assist the elderly with all activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, toileting, assistance with medication, etc. Please see the Services tab for more details.


What is sundowning?

Sundowning is a dementia related symptom.  It refers to increased agitation, confusion, and hyperactivity that begins in the late afternoon and builds throughout the evening.  Sundowning can be very hard on loved ones as most sundowning usually worsens at night and as the disease progresses.   


What is Memory Care?  Do you offer it?

Memory care is a specialized type of care for residents with memory-loss conditions often associated with Alzheimer's & Dementia.  These residents need a higher level of supervision and assistance.  We love being involved by encouraging activities conducive to building memory, such as scrabble, word puzzles, match games, and much more.  With our audible door alarms, hands-on approach, and decades of experience, our residents benefit from all that we have to offer.


Do you accept residents under Hospice Care?

Yes, we do.  We are licensed under the Department of Social Services to accept up to 4 residents under Hospice Care.


Do you provide transportation?

No, we do not provide transportation outside of the facility but we will be glad to help make arrangements with any third-party vendors.  Dial-A-Ride & Access are great resources for seniors looking for transport options. Here are their websites:

http://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/pasadena-transit/dial-a-ride/                                                      http://accessla.org/home/


Do you provide Skilled Nursing?

No, we are not a medical facility and are not licensed to provide skilled nursing. However, we do work hand in hand with Mobile Physicians, Nurses, Hospice Agencies and Home Health. These medical professionals come into our home and provide medical care to your loved one.


What hospitals are nearby?

Huntington Memorial Hospital, Glendale Memorial Hospital, and Arcadia Methodist Hospital.


Are daily showers really good for the elderly?

This is our philosophy:  Do you take daily showers?  Do you like to be clean?  The #1 reason elderly get Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) is due to the lack of cleanliness.  That is the reason we have them take daily showers.  It prevents the build-up of bacteria which causes UTIs.  To combat dry skin, we insist on our residents being well hydrated with plenty of water, and we also give our residents 2 daily moisturizing treatments.  


Do you accept Medicare Supplement as payment, or do you take SSI?

No, our facility does not accept Medicare Supplement directly as a form of payment, but Medicare Supplement will pay out to the family the cost incurred by their loved one staying at a Board & Care.   We don't take SSI.


Where can I find Facility Evaluation Reports from Licensing, including yours?

The website for Licensing is: https://secure.dss.ca.gov/CareFacilitySearch/Search/ElderlyAssistedLiving       Under "Facility Type", please select "Assisted Living".  Under "City" select the city of your choice and press "Search".  You will now have access to all the RCFE reports in that city.  


What is the minimum age you can accept?

60 years of age is our minimum age we can accept.