The main goal of this page is to connect you to as many resources as possible for your loved ones when looking for a Board & Care and while taking care of a loved one at home.  If you have any resources that you believe can be helpful, please share them with us, and we will share them here on this page!

Firstly, I want to say that I understand that the process of finding a Board & Care is a very important step, something not to be taken lightly.  That is why I believe that doing as much legwork as possible prior to move-day is imperative.  Below I'll provide a few resources to help find a Board & Care a little easier. I really hope you will find this helpful.

Let's start with locating Board & Care homes in your area.  There are a couple of things you can do:

1.  Google & Yelp:  You can Google and Yelp for them, however you will quickly find that most Board & Care places do not have a website, and they are not easy to find via internet search.

2.  CDSS:  You can use the CDSS website.  Department of Social Services supervises all Assisted Living places and all Board & Care homes in California.  For that reason, on their website you can find all licensed Board & Care homes, and you will also be able to find their reports. CDSS does unscheduled visits, gives Citations and provides potential residents with relevant information regarding the standing of that particular location.  It's important that prior to moving your loved one you get very familiar with the Citations of that particular place.  Many of these reports will be very eye opening.  The website is: Under "Facility Type", please select "Assisted Living".  Under "City" select the city of your choice and press "Search".  You will now have access to all the RCFE reports in that city.

3.  Placement agencies:  Many people turn to placement agencies to help them find a place for their loved ones.  It's not a bad idea, but there are a few things to keep in mind prior to choosing a placement agency.  One thing is that placement agencies will only show you places they have a contract with, and second I highly recommend an agency that will tour with you to every place, a support that is very helpful.  When touring with you, they can much better assist you in finding the right place for your loved one, compared to agencies that have never been to the locations they are recommending.  Here are two agencies that will tour with your every time they recommend a place:

4. Should you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the decisions needed to be made for your loved ones, I would recommend They provide families support, information and resources that go far beyond a Placement agency.

When it comes to improving life, some things are a sure hit, like puppies & kittens!  is a company where you can rent amazing pets by the hour.  They are all trained, insured and they will come to you!

The cost associated with placing a loved one in our Board & Care is not something everyone can afford.  For those who only qualify for SSI as payments, there are a few places that will accept SSI.  While we are not in any way endorsing them, we hope they will provide families in need with the necessary resources:

Transportation:  When it comes to transportation, I'd like to direct you to two great resources:  Dial-a-Ride for Pasadena, and Access LA for transportation in & around Los Angeles ares:

When trying to find senior resources in general for Pasadena, few places will compare to  They provide classes & lectures, events, activities, social services, senior games, along with an informative blog.  

I hope you'll never find yourself in a place where you feel like your loved one's rights are being violated.  Having someone that knows the law, especially RCFE law, is crucial in this case.  Michael S. Goryan is a legal expert in RCFE law and regulations, a person I trust with senior rights.  His website is:  

For seniors still living at home is a great company to use should your loved one need any type of in-home medical equipment.  They have an office right here in Pasadena.  They will lend their equipment for free, a great resource. With that said, should you desire brand new or more specialized equipment, you will need a medical equipment company. Edgar Gutierrez is the owner of United Plus Medical and he has been servicing all our medical needs. He is friendly, knowledgeable and is able to deliver and install all your medical equipment needs. His phone number is 310.339.7292

I often get asked what is the minimum age I can accept, and basically the answer is 60.  For any family out there looking for a Board & Care for a loved one younger, I suggest looking into Adult Residential Care Facilities, aka ARFs.  They specialize in taking care of adults under the age of 60, with all types of disabilities.  

Dr. McGavic is a Podiatrist. He has been seeing many of our residents and does a great job. He is professional and easy to communicate with. He is able to bill medicare, and is able to do house-calls for your loved one. I would highly recommend his services should your loved one need podiatry services at home. His phone number is 562.351.1111 and his website is:

Hospice care is a necessity for most people at end-of-life.  Over the years we've worked with many Hospice providers and overall I found Vitas Hospice to be the best equipped with helping families & their loved one in their difficult times.  What sets them apart from other Hospice companies is that they have the staff, resources and compassion to be there in your time of need.  Vitas has their own equipment company as well.  Their contact # is 800.966.8709.  Their website is:  

At end-of-life, finding the right Funeral Home for your loved one is an important, and one of the final steps you will take. I have seen my fair share of Funeral Homes drivers and I’d like to recommend Cabot & Sons. My interactions with them have been strictly here at our board & care, for the pick-up of a loved one. Cabot & Sons have always sent professional drivers, who handled our residents with care. I wish I could say the same about other funeral homes. They’ve always been accommodating in willing to wait for the families prior to pick-up. Their website is

Chronic diseases can have a profound impact on the health and quality of life of elder Americans. Caregivers in the industry are aware of the most common chronic conditions affecting the elderly population: Adult onset diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney/bladder problems and Dementia. Many people think Dementia and Alzheimer's are the same, but that's not necessarily true.  I find to be a wonderful resource to better understand the Alzheimer’s disease.